Who is Marisa Wright?

Marisa originalMarisa Wright is the pen name of a Scottish-born writer and dancer who has regarded Australia as home for more than 20 years.  She has travelled extensively across both countries as well as the rest of the British Isles, Europe and Africa.

Dance has been her passion since the age of three, when she saw a performance by the Royal Ballet and was instantly hooked!   Though childhood illness meant a professional ballet career was an impossible dream, she continued to dance ballet and jazz as a hobby until, at forty, she attended a dance workshop where a teacher told her she was “born” to dance flamenco.  She tried a flamenco class, discovered a natural talent for it, and was soon performing with a flamenco  troupe.  Her dream of performing on stage finally realized – even if much later than she could ever have imagined!

Now over sixty, she still enjoys dancing – these days her hobby is belly dance, as well as ballroom and Latin with her second husband (which just goes to show there is life – and romance – after fifty!).

Writing was also an early interest – as a child, she produced several hand-drawn children’s books.  Her first full-length novel was completed before she left school, but its failure to find a publisher discouraged her writing ambitions.  Career and dancing took precedence for many years.

The advent of internet writing sites reignited Marisa’s love of writing.  She now writes freelance and on HubPages, as well as working on a new novel.   You can find her blogs at:

Why this website?

One day, that new novel will be finished.  When it is, this website will be its “launching pad”!

Need a Writer?

Marisa Wright is available for hire as a writer on many topics, but particularly well-qualified to write on the subjects listed below.   Please use the Contact Form to make an enquiry.


Marisa has lived on three continents and travelled on five, so is well placed to write about travel for both leisure and work, as well as the pros and cons of the expatriate lifestyle.

Dance and Performing Arts

Trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, flamenco, belly dance, ballroom and Latin, Marisa is well-qualified to write on any aspect of the dance.  Her experience of performance, stagecraft and costuming are also relevant to other performing arts.


In her sixties and happily married for the second time, Marisa has had her share of happy and failed relationships, marriage and divorce, so relationships are an obvious topic to write about.